Hi! I'm Calvin Sibley.

I help real estate agents, wholesalers and investors make more money by getting more leads and closing more deals.  I can help you by adding the niche of working with probates to your real estate business.


By working with probates, you can have a steady flow of motivated seller leads coming into your business, each and every month.


I also help real estate companies with their image in their marketplace. This is crucial because your image in your local marketplace is what differentiates yourself from every other investor and real estate agent.


If you are looking for a great way to help people in your community while earning a great income in doing so, then I’m glad you’re here because you are in the right place!  I have been working with probates for over 10 years and they are an excellent source of motivated seller leads. I can help you to build your competencies in the area of probate real estate investing, so click below and let’s get started!

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I'm Calvin Sibley

Through his best selling course, Wholesaling Probate Properties, his image assessment and growth plan and his popular blog, Calvin inspires real estate agents, investors and wholesalers around the world. Calvin’s message is simple, that it is possible to elevate your life and real estate business to a new level of success and build a business and personal life that you love.


Calvin shows you how to create a simple wholesaling plan with a focus on probate properties. Working with probates can give you a steady stream of motivated seller leads for your real estate business and can position your image in the marketplace as the go-to probate expert in your area.


Calvin is a third generation real estate investor and holds a current Real Estate Broker's license in Florida. With 15+ years of real estate experience, both as an agent and an investor, Calvin's knowledge and expertise in real estate and specifically with probates helps his clients to start or grow their real estate businesses.


This is to acknowledge the successful sale of our property in Broward County to Calvin Sibley from Solution Home Buyers LLC. Our dealing with Mr. Sibley was very cordial and speedy in the sale of the property. We wish Mr. Sibley much success in his future endeavor in Real Estate.

Carlos Llanos

Real Estate Investor

The training that Calvin has created on teaching new investors to get started with probates is awesome. I gained so much learning from him and highly recommend to anyone thinking of getting into real estate to take his course.

Andres Ramirez

Real Estate Agent

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